Rediscovering the iPad Mini 2, thanks to iOS 10

When the iPad Pro 9.7-inch was released, I jumped all over it and upgraded from my iPad Air. Both the Air and my iPad Mini 2 were getting really sluggish and I figured I needed the faster processor. Well, a funny thing happened, after ignoring my iPad Mini 2 for the last six months, I …

J&L-103 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Vafee, an international e-commerce company located in Hong Kong, sent me another pair of headphones to review, the J&L-103 Bluetooth Earphones, Sports Wireless headphones with Magnetic Function. This model is very similar to my aging Jaybird headphones, so I was very excited to put them through their paces.

Lake Arrowhead birds

Took some shots of ducks, egrets and cormorants down at Grass Valley Lake. Set up some bird seed and zip-tied a dead branch to my deck railing and got some nice shots of Stellar Jays, woodpeckers and even a Northern Flicker. The birds didn’t seem to care it was a set up ;-)