Here are some freeware apps. Use at your own risk! Not sure how many of these still work, although I still use ClipCase and Standby pretty frequently after all this time. (Links fixed 2022-08-07. Sorry about that!)

  • ClipCase 2.3
    UPDATED 8/10/07. A great utility that reformats text pasted to your system clipboard. More details (and list of changes)
    2.3b zip has small cosmetic change to 2.3
  • Standby (or Lock) PC
    A little utility that places your PC in standby or locks it. I use it with the Windows Task Scheduler to lock the PC during the night. For some reason the normal Windows power saver options do not work for one of my PCs.
  • Close Outlook for backup
    If you’ve ever tried to backup Outlook PST files, you know that you must close down Outlook first. Since I tend to leave Outlook running I needed a way to programatically close it down so my automated backup utility could backup my PST file. Just download the closeoutlook.exe utility to your hard drive and use the Windows Task Scheduler to run it just before your backups occur.
  • Microsoft Outlook macro to move mail to Trash when using Gmail IMAP
    This Microsoft Outlook macro will automatically move selected emails to the Google [Gmail]/Trash folder, just like deleting normally. Gmail deletes Trash email after 30 days.
    A lot has been written about how Google was able to adapt their email engine to support IMAP. It’s use of labels instead of a folder hierachy results in emails never being really deleted even when they are no longer visible in the Inbox folder/label. Essentially, the “Inbox” label is removed, so the email no longer appears in the Inbox. It remains, however, on the mail server.
    The quick solution is to just drag emails to the Trash “folder” (really just a special label). This macro automates that process.
    Installation instruction are included in the file.
  • IE1Window
    I wrote this little utility so I could have an “untouchable” Internet Explorer window always open with a certain website. This is for things like a streaming music (e.g., or IM site ( The problem I was having was I accidentally close my web browser or a link would open up inside the same window. These are not a problem with IE1Window.
    No installation is necessary. Just copy all of the files to a folder you create. Then run ie1window.exe.
    Well, this is technically a beta, but seems to work fine. Enjoy!
  • IE Resize
    Application that lets you create custom size and position menu entries for Internet Explorer. More details *
  • Football Pool Squares by Quarter with numbers(PDF)
    Here’s a PDF of a simple football squares pool by quarter with a page you can cut out to pick the number assignments.
  • replaceHTML
    An exciting new HTML editing utility. More details
    1.2 update. Note: requires full-version (above) to be installed first. *
  • randomSoundz
    A cool application that randomly plays WAV and MP3 files in a defined folder. More details*
  • Close Quickbooks for backup
    If you’ve ever tried to backup Quickbooks files, you know that you must close down the app first. Just download the closequickbooks.exe utility to your hard drive and use the Windows Task Scheduler to run it just before your backups occur.
  • IE5Skinner
    Randomly skins your Internet Explorer toolbar! More details (As seen on The Screensavers TV show. For a very short snippet (214k) click the Video link.)*
  • dFTP
    dFTP is a very basic scriptable FTP uploading app that is handy when you need to upload the same file(s) all the time. I wrote it because the built-in Windows ftp DOS app does not support passive mode.
  • Visual Basic 6.0 SP6 Run-Time Redistribution Pack
    *Some apps may require this. However, it may already be on your system. Not sure where it can be downloaded these days. It’s pretty old.

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  • Doug, just a note to thank you for randomSoundz, which I have had on over a dozen computers since 2000, I think. You help make my life more enjoyable every four minutes.

  • Hi Doug,

    may I have a question to your “Microsoft Outlook macro to move mail to Trash when using Gmail IMAP”-Script ?

    I’d like to know, how I have to modify it to handle two GoogleMail-Accounts in Outlook.


    • @Bernd: I haven’t tested this but I think you can just add a line that defines the 2nd account at the top of the script, like:

      OLaccountName = “doug” ‘Account name in Outlook
      MoveSelectedMessagesToFolder (OLaccountName)
      MoveSelectedMessagesToFolder (“SecondAccount”)

      Replace SecondAccount with the second account’s name in Outlook