GIF Insanity!

I’ve always loved GIFs and the ancient animated file format introduced by CompuServe way back in 1987 just seems to be hanging in there, if not making a comeback. The problem back in the day was the format wasn’t particularly efficient and even a short one would be too large, at least for the time. Now, with mega-megabyte videos being tossed around, the inefficient compression isn’t too big of a deal. The best GIFs are the ones that seamlessly loop–kudos to the folks that make those! It’s somewhat of a lost art since a lot of GIFs these days are just funny video clips.

This page went down years ago when I changed my blog from a self-hosted ASP-based one to WordPress–yeah, I got lazy. Recently, I found a couple nice GIFs, had some spare time and got the urge to try to bring it back. Right now this works in Chrome, but not in Firefox :-( Enjoy!