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New Theme…Finally

I last changed my site theme on June 9, 2015. It was getting a bit long in tooth and not playing nice with browser and plug-in changes. As of now, I’m going with a bare-bones basic theme. I’ve done my best to track down and fix various anomalies caused by the change, but you may …

New domain name yields old owner’s email!

It all started with emails from Wells Fargo telling me I had insufficient funds. At first glance I thought it was spam since I’d never had an account there, but all the links and return email were legit. Then I thought, “oh no! Someone opened an account on my name!” Fortunately, upon closer inspection, I …

10 Vegas Hotels Imploded. Neat!

I don’t know why watching a building implode is so interesting but it is. I thought it was kind of cool how on some of them it was like a New Year’s countdown…guess that’s Vegas stylee. I even stayed at many of them :-) [youtube]