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Perfect guitar hanging system by String Swing

Floor and wall space is at a premium in my office and I was looking for a way to hang my guitars so I could free up the space the cases took up. I was just about to order the typical hangers–where the guitar hangs parallel to the wall–until I stumbled onto String Swing’s Slatwall …

The Strayhearts and their unique drummer

Helped with another MMK9 dog adoption event yesterday at Random and was lucky enough to see this band, The Strayhearts. They were really good live and for me to say that says a lot since I’m overly critical. The lead singer, Mark Monaco, had a strong distinctive voice and the backup vocals were just as superb. The mix …

They’re playin our song

It never ceases to amaze me how our 45 record continues to live on. Maximum RockNRoll is a monthly mag dedicated to underground punk rock. Apparently, they have a weekly podcast/radio show and our song was played on their September 10, 2015 episode. We are the second song for the first DJ. I used to cringe …

Old treasures

I got the bug to break out one of my old electric guitars and fire up the Fender Deluxe to see if it still worked. I also broke out my favorite fuzz box: the MXR Distortion +. Of course it needed a new battery, but the one that was still in there made me smile. The …

Incredible touch input pad coming

This touch input device looks very interesting. It will be interesting to see how well it works in the real world after it ships. Personally, I’ll be very interested in its use with graphics and music-creation applications. [youtube]

This guitar is crazy cool!

I would think the lack of a fret board would impair playing it, but it doesn’t seem to bother the guy in the video. These things cost $5k btw…yikes! [youtube]