My new Roland TD-4KP V-Drums!

I was seriously thinking about getting the new TD-1KV, but the TD-4KP has a much better sound module. It also folds up into a 12″ x 20″ package, so it’s very portable. I miss my TD-12S, but it’s back in Cali and I didn’t want to ship it here–not that I really have the space. It’s a lot larger than the 4KP.

I prefer the 12S’s mesh heads and it will take getting used to the 4KP’s rubber ones. I may replace the snare with the mesh head pad at some point. The sound module is pretty good and it’s very customizable, something the 1KV is not.

Now, all I gotta do is write some new tunes and record them with Sonar. Maybe a rock song this time, so I can get my new Carvin DC4T involved ;-)

Spiny Norman’s Mind Games News

From time to time, I like to search the web for any activity on my old band Mind Games. We released one 45 record and it has gone on to be quite the collector’s item. One of the links below says a copy was recently sold for $1,100! I’ve got links to some of our stuff along the right side of the page.

Over-the-top punk ragers…

Wow, I didn’t know my band was “over-the-top punk ragers”…hmmm spastic punk mess and sloppy maybe. HAHA!

14. Mind Games, “Sorry About That Chief!” (1981) 

One of the most over-the-top punk ragers, culled from the Staring Down the Barrel compilation and originally issued in an edition of only 100 copies, Mind Games are a spastic punk mess that pays homage to Get Smart in the sloppiest, most perfect, barf-pile of a song.

My old band Mind Games: more famous than ever

Check out this review of my old band Mind Games’ single. Incredibly, someone actually put one of our tunes on a compilation disc called “Staring Down the Barrel”–w/o our
permission; not that I mind. C’mon! Someone thought enough of our stuff
to RE-RELEASE it on a friggin record!� We are popping up all over the Net.

Some excerpts from a review of Staring Down the Barrel from

“The biggest surprise on the comp is Mind Games, who haven’t been
spotted on any want lists (until tomorrow). Their classically SoCal
punk homage to “Get Smart” leads me to believe that those guys
currently spend many hours watching Nick at Nite.”

“All in all, “Staring Down the Barrel” is a
great comp that should shut up anyone who thinks that all the great
punk records have already been discovered.”

We also made Austin radio station KOOP FM 91.7’s September 2005 playlist along with David Bowie, Adam and the Ants, and more. That is just plain crazy!!! The Staring Down the Barrel LP is listed for $11.50 at Underground Medicine. Go ahead and order! Make it #1! HAHA I may have to order this. We are listed first in the list of artists, so perhaps we are track 1.

All this is funny, cuz I never thought that “Sorry” was really that strong of a song. “Don’t take the car” is stronger IMHO. For more–or less–check out

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