Uncovered hidden messages in walls

I guess it comes from my fascination with time travel that I find stuff like this so interesting. It’s kind of like burying a time capsule, but I suppose more likely to be found. I have a chance to do this myself as I’m adding some build-in cabinets in the room I use as an office. I’m sure someday someone will ask, “why are their kitchen cabinets in the living room!” LOL

Couple Finds 23-Year-Old Hidden Message From Previous Owners While Renovating House, And It’s Hilarious

Great White gets into cage and no one knows if someone is in it!

I don’t hear anyone yelling, “Next!!!” at the end of the video. Also, the correct answer to the question, “Is anyone in the cage?,” is “not anymore.”

What kinda of dinky dink outfit is this anyways? How could they be so inept that they didn’t even know if someone should be in the cage?! If I were there I would be hoping for at least, “OMG! Doug’s in there!” Lol

A couple funny GIFs

I’ve always loved GIFs and the ancient animated file format introduced by┬áCompuServe way back in 1987 just seems to be hanging in there, if not making a comeback. The problem back in the day was they weren’t particularly efficient and even a short one would be large, at least for the time. Now, with mega-megabyte videos being tossed around, the inefficient compression isn’t too big of a deal. Here are a few I just picked up.

Also, I’ve got my GIF Insanity page working again! Had to hack a couple lines of code on an existing plugin, but it seems to work. Yippee!


Cat Knocks Baby
Mess with the bull, you get the horns…
double dutch fail
This is the actual reason I’ve never tried this.
Doggy Back Ride
For my gf and her canine-loving cohorts.