Uncovered hidden messages in walls

I guess it comes from my fascination with time travel that I find stuff like this so interesting. It’s kind of like burying a time capsule, but I suppose more likely to be found. I have a chance to do this myself as I’m adding some build-in cabinets in the room I use as an office. I’m sure someday someone will ask, “why are their kitchen cabinets in the living room!” LOL

Internet Is Laughing Out Loud At 23-Year-Old Hidden Message This Couple Finds While Renovating Their House

Alex and Jess Monney, a couple from California, were renovating their bathroom recently when they made a quite wonderful discovery. While the places that we call home feel to us as they are ours and ours alone, sometimes we get a reminder that quite often, many other people have also inhabited the same space and likely had just as strong a connection.

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