Girls Don’t Always Go for Hottest Guy

From the WSJ: At first glance, the “sexy son hypothesis” makes perfect sense. According to this pillar of evolutionary biology, a female who chooses a high-quality male will have sons who inherit dad’s allure. They, too, will therefore have their pick of females, allowing mom to hit the jackpot: grandmotherhood. But when scientists followed male …

How are those japanese girls keeping their socks up?

Sock glue! Only $2.50 too… Japanese high school girls wear outrageously oversized socks called “loose socks.” How do they keep their socks from falling down? You guessed it — they use “socks glue” (also called sock-tachi in Japanese). Here’s some authentic socks glue for you, straight from Japan — an incredible handy water-based glue that …

The Lakers MUST win!

Can’t wait for tonight’s game. Kobe can’t have another night like that. No way. If he plays up to par and Kwame and LO play up to potential, the Lakers will get it done. GO LAKERS! Oh yeah, if you are a Lakers fan, visit my Lakers forum.

Logo v6

So much for being satisfied with version 3 of my logo. I’m not at the 6th encarnation, but i’m pretty happy with it. Also got the slideshow going. Finally figured out it was a directory permissions deal. Easy fix. Well I’m getting more folks to sign up and thats a good thing. Just gotta build …

Grand Opening Today!

Well, I finally think I’m done enough to let others take a look at this thing I’ve created. Made a decent logo (3rd attempt) Got some basic forums set up and even posted some photos. All of my freeware apps are posted as well. Have fun folks and please sign up and be “official”!