Saving Christmas cards you receive

I’m a bit old fashion and still exchange Christmas cards with many people. I always send a photo card with a short half-page story of what went on the past year with a few small pictures. I like receiving them and don’t have the heart to just toss them when the season is done. I usually pack them up in in a manila envelope thinking that I’ll get nostalgic someday and revisit.

I’ve gone through this ritual for 37 years and have never once gone back and looked at the cards. It occurred to me that I should archive them by scanning. Yes! What an idea! I moved a couple years ago and and only had three years worth of cards, so I figured that was a doable amount to try my idea. Read more

Problem controlling rear side windows on Lexus RX350 from drivers seat

After replacing the battery on my 2008 RX350, the front driver controls for the rear side windows no longer worked. I searched the Internet and found an interesting post that made little sense, but I tried it and it worked. Basically, you just lower and raise the rear side windows (from each door) twice and the front driver controls will magically work again!