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Dry vs canned dog food

Interesting post on the topic of dry vs canned dog food. In a nutshell: [list icon=”check”] Canned: Healthier choice Dry: Cheaper and convenient. Oh, and not better for their teeth! [/list] Canned or Dry Dog Food – What’s the Better Choice?

Saving Christmas cards you receive

I’m a bit old fashion and still exchange Christmas cards with many people. I always send a photo card with a short half-page story of what went on the past year with a few small pictures. I like receiving them and don’t have the heart to just toss them when the season is done. I …

Great shelf for my hard drive clocks

I don’t know why I have so many of these, but this guy at the Wimberly Market Days makes them and I can’t resist buying them from him. I was going to buy a normal shelf to put them on, but found this unique shelf made of squares at Target. It had just enough places for …