HBO Max Roku app – Signing off and changing account

I, like many, had a hard time figuring out how to sign off and then sign into a different HBO Max account on the new Roku HBO Max app. The app monkeys…errr designers…did an excellent job of hiding the sign off option, but the following tutorial should make it crystal clear.

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1. Launch the HBO Max app from the Roku home screen.

2. Click on one of the profiles.

3. Eventually, you will arrive at a screen that looks like this. You may have to wait a few seconds for the page to fully load.

4. After the page fully loads, click up to access the menu items at the top of the screen. When you get there, the word “Browse” will appear next to the icon with the four boxes. It will be a light purple color.

5. Click right twice to highlight the profile circle. (The full name will appear next to the circle when selected and it will be light purple.) Click OK on your Roku remote. (Shameless Plug: Hopefully, you are using the fantastic iOS Roku Remote app RokiJump. The only remote that helps you skip through commercials!)

6. When you first get to this screen, the “My Profile” menu item on the far left will be selected. Keep clicking right. When you get to the last item and click right, the menu will scroll and additional items will appear.

7. As you click right, eventually you will see the Sign Out option. Keep clicking right until the Sign Out option is selected. Then, click down to select the SIGN OUT button. Click Ok on your remote.

After Signing Out

After you sign out, the app will still run. Select something to watch, like Wonder Woman 1984. (Note that the buttons below the picture will vary depending what you have selected.) Just click Ok on your remote with the purple square around the picture.

The next screen should be the sign-in page. There are two options depending on if service is provided through your cable provider or you have a separate HBO Max account. If this screen doesn’t appear and you are sure you are signed out, try selecting a different movie. If you try several things to watch and it lets you actually watch them, you are probably not really signed off.

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