Rediscovering the iPad Mini 2, thanks to iOS 10

When the iPad Pro 9.7-inch was released, I jumped all over it and upgraded from my iPad Air. Both the Air and my iPad Mini 2 were getting really sluggish and I figured I needed the faster processor.

Well, a funny thing happened, after ignoring my iPad Mini 2 for the last six months, I started using it again…and liking it! It seems that Apple has done a fine job tweaking the OS for the Mini 2 and iOS 10 made a huge difference. The Mini is no longer a sluggish anxiety-causing POS, but a pleasant joy to use! Wow. iOS 10 has breathed new life into it.

I’ve now discovered that I really like and prefer the smaller form-factor for everyday use. Sure, the larger screen is better sometimes, but my iPad Pro 9.7 is not seeing much action lately.

That said, there are two things I don’t like about my Mini. One, is that it lacks the fingerprint reader. The other the iPad Mini 2 doesn’t support the multi-carrier Apple SIM card. These two features have been game-changers for me.

I just love the convenience of unlocking my iPhone 6S and iPad Pro 9.7 without entering a code. Moreover, so many apps have jumped on the bandwagon and integrated fingerprint unlocking. Once you get used to it, having to enter a code seems archaic and gets annoying.

My current Mini 2 is an AT&T cellular version, but I love the versatility of my iPad Pro with the multi-carrier Apple SIM. At my place in Lake Arrowhead, CA, I took a chance and tried T-Mobile with the iPad Pro. There really was no difference in connection speeds compared to AT&T and Verizon. Plus, the last two trips I was able to get the 5GB for $10 plan! Now, I’m sure this deal won’t last, but T-Mobile also gives you 200MB each month for FREE! Of course, 200MB won’t last long, but it’s more than enough for basic email and texting.

There are rumors that the Mini is going the way of the regular sized iPad and going Pro. That is, gaining things like the Apple Smart Connector, better display, better audio, etc. Honestly, I know my iPad Pro 9.7 has these things, but I’ve never missed them using the Mini 2.

So if you’ve abandoned your iPad Mini in a drawer somewhere, break it out and update the OS. Hopefully, you’ll be as surprised and happy as me!

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