Solving the laptop to HDTV problem

I’ve been going on a lot of business trips lately and I’m going on vacation in a few weeks. What inevitably comes up is the desire to watch Internet video on the hotel TV. In recent years most of the places I’ve been staying at have “newer” flat screens; however, the inputs vary. You can’t depend on HDMI. If you assume the possibility of a CRT, the lowest common denominator is good ol composite. Next would be S Video and then component.

On the laptop side, you’ve probably always got VGA, but my new HP tm2 has HDMI. I’ve done a lot of searching and there are definitely many converters available, but no magical all-in-one device. There are too many possible combinations.

Now, going from HDMI, a digital signal, to composite or even component, both analog, doesn’t make a lot of sense. So by process of elimination, it’s down to the very basic VGA to composite.

I found a very nice converter, the Sabrent PC to TV Converter Box, on Amazon for only $33 . I think I’ll also bring along HDMI and VGA cables just in case. They won’t take up much space. I should be good to go…well unless I find a hotel with only RF connection! HAHA!

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