Open Google Chrome links in Firefox…kinda

I like opening Gmail and Google Reader in Google Chrome (GC) because it seems to manage memory much nicer. Leaving those sites open in Firefox often results in hundreds of megabytes of RAM used. The problem is I’d like to open GC links in Firefox. I’ve got too many FF extensions that make life so much easier.

Right now I’m using the Open in Google Chrome FF extension so that these two sites open up GC. However, if I click a link on either, those obviously will continue to open up in GC. Note that the extension doesn’t open the link in a FF tab, but rather it runs the full GC app. Too bad someone doesn’t make a FF extension like IE Tab.

Anyways, I’ve discovered a workaround that sort of allows you to open a GC link in FF. First, you have to have both running. Then, drag the link to the Windows taskbar over the Firefox task and continue to hold your mouse button down. The Firefox window will come to the front and you just drop the link in the address bar.Note how the cursor changes as you move over FF.

I was hoping I could drop it over the task, but that doesn’t work. Note that you can drop the link over the browser window, but it replaces the existing URL. (Note that I have FF set to up new pages in a new tab.)

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  • I had a problem that my default browser was Firefox, but I need to open 2 sites in IE (because of activex scripts). This solved it for me nicely.

    Just create a new shortcut, put the full path of the browser you want to open, then add a space and put the URL for the site. e.g.
    “C:program filesinternet exploreriexplore.exe”

    Now when you open that shortcut it will open in the link in IE even though the default browser is Firefox.

  • If you do as you were doing, and drag the link, but instead drag it to any position betweent the tabs of firefox (as you would do if you were rearranging firefox tabs). It will open the link in a new tab – therefore solving the problem of overwritten urls.

  • Using someone else’s script, I have made a standalone executable file which, when Ctrl+Shift+F is pressed, will open the active Chrome window in Firefox. It works well.

    If anyone is interested:

  • did you find any solution to this?

  • Hey – it is very easy! Just drag the Chrome “star” from the address section over to firefox just left of the “+” in your tab bar. It creates a new tab. Or you can drop on a tab to replace the contents.

    Not as good as a hotkey – but it works fast and keeps your web browsing and bookmarking over in firefox. I use xmarks and sxipper a lot so this works well for me.

  • FYI I’m now using the built in “convert website to application” from Firefox (tools menu) and I’m pretty happy with it. I also have an ubuntu laptop now and Chrome is not available for linux so I got rid of it altogether. Chrome has been good to FF, it’s faster now.

  • You know, someone could make a simple always-on-top “drop target” to which a link could be dragged, and that “drop target” would simply launch the link in Firefox…

  • Yeah. What Steve said. Thanks for posting this.

  • someone really needs to put something into google chrome to do this. this is the exact reason i want to use chrome, and the exact reason i dont use it right now. as soon as i can open links from chrome in firefox i will use chrome for my google related stuff (gmail, calendar, etc)

  • I second it. Is there any solution for this issue?

  • Thanks for the tip! Like Matthew, I use the application window for gmail and gcalendar.

  • I have the same problem. I use gmail and google calender in Chrome’s application windows because it’s so fast. However my main browser is FF…

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