Great leather case for iPod Touch

I initially covered my 32GB iPod Touch with a RebelTouch. I decided to move to a flip-style case for a couple reasons. First, I wanted a much more protection for the screen when not in use. Second, I wanted something I could take off easily so I could put the Touch in a docking speaker. Third, I wanted some protection while I was using the Touch.

Well, sleeve-type and hard cases all didn’t meet all my requirements. That left portfolio, horizontal and flip. Portfolio cases open like a book. I just didn’t think would work well if I was switching between portrait and landscape. Horizontals are nice and I use one for my N95. However, they are only for transportation. You must remove the Touch to use it. I could see my Touch slipping from my hands as I slipped it out of one of these.

Well, the flip seemed to fit the bill. I searched around and found a few, but they seemed awfully expensive and I was a bit gun shy to go with an eBay item. By chance I saw a 20% code deal for, a company I’d never heard of before. They had a very nice looking flip case for $9.99 and the reviews looked decent. It’s called the TuchiFlip2. Came with a screen protector too. For only $8 after my 20% off, I figured it was worth a chance although it was prolly the same as the ones on eBay.

I’m happy to report that it’s a very well built case. Looks like it should has a decent time. Highly recommended. also looks like it might be a good site to revisit for other portable accessories.

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