Upcoming changes

Pulling the plug on Offbe.at. I’m also moving Twitku.com to a new hosted server, but that should be pretty seamless…hopefully. Gotta do everything by Jan 16 because that’s when my current server renews and I don’t want to hang onto it for another month. I’ve also decided to let go of a bunch of domains I’ve been hanging on to. The .AT ones are like $60/yr. The normal TLD ones aren’t too costly but it’s a waste of dough to keep renewing I guess. DW has been moved, but it’s not a “real” working site. Mostly just use it to store files and stuff. All these changes should save me a bunch of dough. Gotta love free services on the net.

It was fun maintaining my own webserver and mail server, but if you don’t do it for a living, like me, it’s frustrating cuz ya gotta learn and relearn and remember technical stuff. I’m leaving that to the professionals from now on. KISS!

I’ll post more updates as they unfold. Oh yeah…Happy New Year!!!

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