Can’t dump my N800 for an iPod Touch

I've been obsessing over the iPod Touch ever since it's introduction. Today, Target was offering a $30 gift certificate with the purchase of an 8GB Touch. My resistence, already wearing thin, was put to the test. However, in the end, there are just too many reasons why the Touch can't replace my N800:

Why I'm sticking to the N800:

  • Canola media player (iPod-like UI, streaming LastFM support, Orb/TVersity/UPNP support, etc.)
  • Subscription music support. There is a native Rhapsody client. I like having nearly any song I can think of right at my finger tips.
  • You can wirelessly transfer files using the standard File Manager. (I use Wizard Mounter to mount a SAMBA share.) If you use a standard USB cable, the N800 shows up as normal removable drives on your PC. Not locked into using proprietary applications or cables!
  • eReader support via Garnet VM (i.e., a Palm device emulator). Works great!
  • Support for WMA, DivX and Xvid file formats
  • Lots of free apps for email, IM, etc.
  • Native Flash support
  • Stereo speakers. Yeah, you can get clip on ones for the Touch, but it's still not the same.

Why I still love the Touch:

  • The UI is sexy as hell!
  • The browser rocks, despite the lack of Flash support, although the upcoming Opera 9.5 for the N800 looks like it will be Safari like.
  • It's SO much smaller!

Well, Apple continues to seduce me with the Touch and iPhone, but it needs to get a lot closer in terms of features for me to switch. The funny thing is that my 14yo daughter actually agrees. What tips the scale for her, of all things, is the eReader. When I even talk about getting a Touch, she shouts, “can I have your N800?!” Not yet my dear. Not yet…

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