Motion Computing LE1700 Convertible Keyboard is great!

Well I tried the Bluetooth keyboard route, but the cheapo Chinese one I got off eBay sucked. $30 down the tubes. All of the other major brand ones were just too big. Too bad Apple doesn’t make a Windows driver for their cool new slim Bluetooth keyboard.

The other thing I didn’t like was having to connect & disconnect the power cable all the time. I basically decided to just bite the bullet and get the $170 convertible keyboard from Motion Computing. For me, the two major selling points are 1) it’s powered and charges the slate, which makes up for it not being wireless, and 2) it snaps to the slate and protects the screen when traveling.

It seems to be very sturdy and is much like typing on a laptop. The thin keyboard skin that come pre-applied makes it a little musty, but not that bad. I’ll definitely get used to it. I was touch typing without any issues.

The slate slides in and out of the dock with ease. There is a little plastic cover that you must remove from the state to expose the connector at the bottom. I would have preferred a hinged door rather then a small piece that could be lost, but I suppose there’s no harm in leaving the connector exposed as long as I’m careful. you can angle the screen any way you want which is nice. I hope the hinge holds out.

It’s definitely the way to go and I’m glad I got it. I would say it is a must-have accessory.

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