N95 v20 firmware Podcast app saving problem identified

I love the new Podcast app that comes with the new v20 firmware for the Nokia N95. However, it would sometimes mysteriously start saving the podcasts to the phone memory instead of the memory card. Well, I finally figured this one out. Anytime you connect the USB cable for data transfer and the app is running or runs due to auto-update scheduling, the app will switch the setting to Phone Memory and leave it there.

You can imagine the problems this causes since podcasts are usually very large files. Phone memory fills up pretty fast and you are left scratching your head…”how did the Save To setting change to Phone memory???”  

I did have it set to auto-update every hour, but now I've changed it to update only once a day at 3am. Of course, this doesn't prevent the problem if the Podcast app just happens to be running in the background when I connect the USB cable. Guess I'll just have to try to remember. I don't often use the cable unless I'm transferring large files. It does flash a warning note, but it disappears real fast and you can't really read it if you aren't expecting it.

Kinda dumb. There should be an option that says, “Use Phone memory, if other storage unavailable” or something like that. It should not just assume you want to change the setting. I hope Nokia fixes this. Very annoying.

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