“You have to type HTTP:// to get to the ‘other’ Internet…”

It's a love/hate deal whenever I take a technology class to keep up with my CPA continuing education. Yesterday, I took a “researching questions on the Internet” class. When typing in an URL like blog.mydomainname.com, she says that you have to type “HTTP://” first to get to the “Other Internet”. HAHAHA! What's worse is that many of the people there will think this is right.

Another gem was that a big difference between Google and MSN search was that MSN didn't use a database and actually went out to the web and did a real-time search, while Google used what-can-be a stale database. That's why MSN takes a little longer. HAHAHA!

And she was making fun of Prez Bush calling Google “The Google”.  

Of course, it would be hard to top one of my all-time favorites: “802.11g is 100 times faster than 802.11b.” That was at a CPA technology conference!

There is always a class review sheet handed out, but I've so far resisted nailing their a$$es. I figure I know the difference and it probably doesn't really matter to most folks and I usually get something out of the 8 hours. Plus, these “instructors” are giving up a lot of their time and energy to do these things. I'm pretty sure it doesn't pay real well. I think they mostly do it for PR. I “try” to chalk it up as entertainment.

Their are some real wanna-bes in the CPA world holding themselves out as technology experts and I know who you are…HAHAHA


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