New website theme and Responsive Design

I was having some issues with a plugin for the site and the support guy told me:

“The issue here is that your site/theme is not responsive.”

I haven’t done serious web development in a long time and had no idea what we was talking about. So I did a little digging and found out that Google is pushing new design principles it calls Responsive Design. It’s all about developing a┬ásite that works on mobile, desktop or anything else with a screen. For me, this meant that if I wanted to be compliant, needed a new theme. This post goes through my process and highlights things you should consider and watch out for when switching to a new WordPress theme. Read more

Jaiku goes open source. No more active development by Google

According to this post by Google, they are no longer going to actively develop Jaiku and will release the engine as an open-source project.

As we mentioned last April, we are in the process of porting Jaiku over to Google App Engine. After the migration is complete, we will release the new open source Jaiku Engine project on Google Code under the Apache License. While Google will no longer actively develop the Jaiku codebase, the service itself will live on thanks to a dedicated and passionate volunteer team of Googlers.

Well, I guess it could be worse. I still like Jaiku. Hopefully, this won’t affect