I feel like I’m in a Harry Potter movie!

Ambient-mixer.com has done something incredible: They have recreated the ambient sounds from Harry Potter movies. Now you can feel like you are in the Great Hall, the Gryffindor Common Room or any of the other houses. Wanna ride the Hogwarts Express? The sounds are there. It’s pretty cool how the sounds are an actual mix of multiple sounds that you can actually control individually.


There’s a bunch of non-HP movie mixes too like Sherlock’s apartment (aka 221b Baker Street) and Loki’s Chambers. Of course there are Star Wars and Game of Thrones sounds. The site has tons of other mixes grouped into categories like At Home, Cats, Environmental, Games, Holidays, Human, Movies and Series, Music, Nature, etc. Something for everyone.

This stuff is great for when you are at work and just need some background noise. The sounds loop so they can eventually get monotonous, but you can just click off to another place haha! Check it out! The only bummer is that the site is Flash-based so you’ll have to visit on a computer :-(

OnRad.io, an interesting site to search for and play streaming music

Ya gotta respect people that continue to push the copyright envelope. We can thank them for so many things that we take for granted today (e.g., MP3s, DVRs, Slingbox, etc.). OnRad.io is another one of those technologies. Michael Robertson of MP3.com fame is behind this venture. They are basically indexing online music streams and allowing visitors to play them through their site. They claim to scan about 100,000 stations in under 100ms. (Note that some of the stations are non-US.) Here’s their press release. Read more

Save $20 (30%) on N-Photo digital subscription

I recently checked out a free issue of N-Photo, a magazine devoted to Nikon users, using their iOS app and really like it. Subscription through the N-photo app was a steep $59.99 which seemed like a lot for a monthly magazine. Now, I’ve been using Zinio for years to read various magazines on my mobile devices, so I was curious if they carried N-Photo. I opened the Zinio app and found it at $64.99, $5 higher. Well, I know about Apple’s 30% cut on in-app purchases and decided to check out Zinio’s website. Read more

51 days later…my lost iPad Mini was found!

On June 23rd, I stupidly forgot my 64GB WiFi+Cellular iPad Mini 2 in the seat-back pocket on a United Airlines flight to Colorado. I was really bummed and dutifully filed a lost item report. I got a little hopeful on June 29th when I got a Find-My-iPhone email telling me that “Mini Me,” my cleverly named iPad Mini, was found near Chicago O’Hare International Airport. As the weeks passed without a word from the airline, however, I gave up. After a month, I got an automated email saying that the item was never recovered and they were no longer searching. “Oh well,” I thought. Read more