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Finally decided the Nikon D500 was the right move

In my May 7, 2016 post, “Nikon D7200/D750 owner can’t click the buy D500 button…so far,” I laid out the reasons for my hesitation in upgrading my D7200 to the new D500. Basically, I felt that my D7200 was “good enough” and I used my D750 most of the time anyways. Well, Nikon finally put …

Kirby Transport, Nov 25, 2016

Well, it’s Black Friday and I had to–quite literally–get up at the crack of dawn to…that’s right, take photos of some dogs! HAHA This special group of dogs from the Kirby Animal Shelter was boarding a transport captained by Matt Montes bound for the great Pacific Northwest and beyond! Good luck my canine friends!

Lake Arrowhead birds

Took some shots of ducks, egrets and cormorants down at Grass Valley Lake. Set up some bird seed and zip-tied a dead branch to my deck railing and got some nice shots of Stellar Jays, woodpeckers and even a Northern Flicker. The birds didn’t seem to care it was a set up ;-)