DON’T BUY a Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2! Flawed.

I found a fatal flaw in the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2. If you connect something to the Aux input, it turns off after about a minute. I did a search and it appears to be a common problem and Logitech refuses to acknowledge it…so far. For iPod use, I really like it. However, without the ability to connect via a standard 1/8″ cable, it’s too much of a limitation for me. I have two and both will be returned. Too bad. I am happy, though, that I figured this out while I could still return them. Guess I just need to wait for another 2nd gen iPod Touch compatible speaker system. I’ll go back to my ancient JBL speakers until then.

UPDATE 1/8/09: I just got an email from Logitech. It says “…at this point I believe that it is safe to consider your Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 Speakers are defective. I would like to offer a replacement unit if your speaker is still under the 2 year warranty period.”

WOW! Not even a lame attempt to give me a template “try to reset the device…” They MUST know that there is a flaw. Very odd that they are offering a replacement. I just purchased both of my units (and yes, they both have this issue) so it seems highly doubtful that a replacement will be any different. I’ve already returned one to Best Buy and the other is boxed and ready to go back to Amazon. Sorry Logitech.

I wish they would announce something and admit the issue. Perhaps they are hoping that most people will only use it with an iPod and never encounter the problem or encounter it after the 2-year warranty expires.

UPDATE 8/30/09: Although this thing isn’t worth over $100, the practically non-functioning aux jack is certainly worth $30-$40, huh? Just found a coupon code for a dented box one. $69 with free shipping and no tax.

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  • Recently I bought the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere (1, not 2) for $10. It was broken and was shutting off after about 1 minute of using it with the AUX, regardless of whether it was plugged in or not, I opened it up to see if the battery had come unplugged and that was not the problem.
    It seems that one solution was possibly to replace the battery but someone said theirs worked fine and he always used it with the ipod dock. I bought the ipod dock (female) to aux connection for $7 and to my surprice that fixed the issue.
    It’s not the greatest of fixes but it does it.

  • Had the same problem on volume shutting off after 2 minuted. My volume was maxed out on my MP3 player connected to the aux input. The reset of the depressed bottom on the bottom cured the issue and all is good now.

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