DON’T BUY a Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2! Flawed.

I found a fatal flaw in the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2. If you connect something to the Aux input, it turns off after about a minute. I did a search and it appears to be a common problem and Logitech refuses to acknowledge it…so far. For iPod use, I really like it. However, without the ability to connect via a standard 1/8″ cable, it’s too much of a limitation for me. I have two and both will be returned. Too bad. I am happy, though, that I figured this out while I could still return them. Guess I just need to wait for another 2nd gen iPod Touch compatible speaker system. I’ll go back to my ancient JBL speakers until then.

UPDATE 1/8/09: I just got an email from Logitech. It says “…at this point I believe that it is safe to consider your Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 Speakers are defective. I would like to offer a replacement unit if your speaker is still under the 2 year warranty period.”

WOW! Not even a lame attempt to give me a template “try to reset the device…” They MUST know that there is a flaw. Very odd that they are offering a replacement. I just purchased both of my units (and yes, they both have this issue) so it seems highly doubtful that a replacement will be any different. I’ve already returned one to Best Buy and the other is boxed and ready to go back to Amazon. Sorry Logitech.

I wish they would announce something and admit the issue. Perhaps they are hoping that most people will only use it with an iPod and never encounter the problem or encounter it after the 2-year warranty expires.

UPDATE 8/30/09: Although this thing isn’t worth over $100, the practically non-functioning aux jack is certainly worth $30-$40, huh? Just found a coupon code for a dented box one. $69 with free shipping and no tax.

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  • Bought Logitech hi fi anywhere.Sent back once and was given Replacement.Still cuts out after about twenty minutes.I love classical music,so will get rid of this.

  • Thanks! Yes, it works if you turn up the volume on the input device.

    Strange “power saving” feature..
    It behaves like this even if the power adapter is plugged in!

    Now this “power saving” feature is draining power on my mobile in stead…

  • try switching the output in the volume mixer to headphones instead of speakers :)

  • It do work. You just have to turn your iPod up to 80% or higher. Better yet just put it at the max. Turn down the volume on the speakers first so you don’t bust them. It should work then but if it don’t then maybe there is something wrong with your speaker but it worked for my iPod 5 and 4. I might put a video on YouTube to demonstrate it.

  • Its not actually a flaw with the aux input, its a poorly designed power saving feature. If your aux device isn’t sending a strong enough, signal the speakers turn themselves off after 2 minutes. Turn the volume on your aux device up to at least 75% then adjust the volume on your Logitech speakers..

    Once these speakers get a bit older, you may experience the sound fluctuating or the unit turning itself off for no reason. When this happens, turn the unit back on and press the reset button in the center of the base of the unit, with a pen (ballpoint) for a few seconds. The music will turn off and the problem should be fixed when you turn it on again.
    If this doesn’t work, give it a few more tries.
    If it still doesn’t work, try hitting the button as hard as you can with a sledge hammer. WARNING: Using sledge hammers on this product may void warranty.

  • This is because of its battery-saving feature, which thinks that music isn’t playing anymore when the song gets to a quiet part.

  • It cuts out if you play classical music off an ipod… designed for loud music only… hopeless

  • Thanks for tip above re turning up sound on the device and down on the speakers. I have tried this with my Iphone 4 and, fingers crossed, it is working so far.

    Why am I plugging my Iphone in via aux jack and not putting it on the ipod dock? The dock refuses to work with iphone for some reason (its still happy with an old ipod I have and worked fine with my iphone 3G but I frustratingly seems to have connection issues with the iphone 4 and I don’t want to damage my phone trying to keep the intermittent connection working – if anyone knows a solution to this one I would be delighted to hear!)

  • I took Mike’s comments and thought about this – I think I’ve found a solution. Crank up the volume on your computer all the way up. Adjust the dock volume down accordingly.

    The problem is the signal strength from the wire – if you make it as strong as possible it seems to fix the problem. Would appear that the dock goes on powersavings mode when a certain threshold is hit [which is avoided by having a very strong signal].

    Cheers. Works for me.

  • J’ai également ce gros problème avec le pure fi anywhere 2 de logytech. Il s’éteint à chaque fois que je le connecte à mon pc pour écouter la musique. J’ai déjà eu envie de le jeter par la fenêtre…

  • This shutoff problem is usually fixed by turning the volume at least up to 80% on the iphone/touch. I just crank it to full and it works fine.


    • Mike, thank you for the solution dated Nov. 5th. I had the shutting off problem when using the auxiliary jack connected to my computer. I turned by computer volume up to full and it seems to have cured the problem.

  • mine works fine if I run it on battery. it only cuts out after 2mins if I have it on mains… work that one out.

  • same problem, i got a replacement but it’s the same, i use the auxiliary 3.5 mm input from my linux ubunto 9.0.4 box and the logitech pure fi anywhere 2 shuts down, usually after 2 minutes but the first unit ran for a few hours no problem but after the battery charged it went wonky.

    I don’t have an iphone.

    2 minutes is the longest i got.

    i got a new unit but the same problem.

    it’s a shame because it is high quality audio and a perfect solution for a traveller otherwise

    even if i don’t plug anything in at all it turns itself off, i even tried it just in battery mode, eg no power and it still shut off after 2 minutes.

    PC World told me it was because i am linux not windoze and refused to support me, wankers they are. i showed it to pc world on the counter running on battery nothing connected. it turned itself off and they said i had bust it by connecting it to my Lenovo T61.

    The twat didn’t even know who Lenovo was and said i needed an IBM compatible – ha ha ha i laughed in my boots but dare not say anything until they refunded me the second time.

  • if using the aux input with a non ipod media player, the speakers work for a few minutes/seconds and switch off. this might be just what you need for playing musical chairs but otherwise don’t buy this rubbish. the remote also only works when it feels like. this is the second unit that is going back to the shop. this time i’m asking for my money back.

  • might work fine with ipod but using the auxiliary input with another media player works for a shgort arbitrary length of time and then the unit switches off. if you are happy to listen to music in one minute ‘sound bites’ or if you’re looking for a unit just to play musical chairs with, the sound is fine, otherwise steer away from this rubbish. oh and the remote works only when it feels like it.

  • I bought one of those Griffin adapters and am using an old Logitech mm50 speaker. Works great!

  • I purchased the Pure-Fi Anywhere speaker dock for my 2nd gen Itouch and fortunately I tried it within the first thirty days. It charged fine but when I gave it a listen test nothing would come out of the speakers. No pips, hiss, pops, humm, nothing. That baby went right back to the Apple. The dock was recommended as an accessory fot the Itouch. So, sucker me, I bought one. I’ll keep looking for something better. Sorry Logitech. But your Itouch dock sucked for me.

  • Michael: That is not really a workaround. The issue is that you can’t really use the Aux input for anything. As pure iPod speakers with the iPod in the dock, it works fine.

  • As a work around, is it practical to leave an Ipod on the deck, and still use the audio jack input with a seperate device?

  • On a related note Logitech is laying off 15% of salaried workforce (link:

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