Warning to Win 8.1 users when upgrading to Windows 10

For the most part, the Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 8.1 seems more like a patch than an entire version upgrade. Everything seemed to work the same as it always had. Yeah, I know there are some significant changes, but it’s not as if you feel it’s totally new…like the jarring change from Win 7 to Win 8.1. That said, if you are an Windows 8.1 user and have a highly customized your Start screen, I have a warning for you: After you upgrade to Windows 10, your Start screen will be totally hosed. Read more

Buying the Upgrade Desktop version of Adobe Lightroom 6 for $79


Adobe pushes their subscription-based Creative Cloud to the extent that one might think they don’t even sell a standalone desktop version of Lightroom 6, never mind getting an lower upgrade price for this mythical beast. Well, I’m here to tell you that they still do sell a non-subscription stand alone version of Lightroom 6 and even offer a discounted upgrade price IF you know where to look. The upgrade price is $79 (vs $149) from any prior version of Lightroom! Read more