STM Dux Case for the Surface Pro 3 Rocks!


Initially, I went with the MoKo case for my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 because it was the style I had liked on my iPads. However, with the magnetic keyboard attached, when everything is closed, you end up with two flaps over the screen and it’s just too big and bulky. For my iPad, I have switched to a plastic shell that works in conjunction with the Apple magnetic cover and really like that minimal setup. I decided I wanted something similar for the Surface Pro 3 and the STM Dux Case appears to be it. Read more

Dumping my Macbook Air for a Surface Pro 3 and Embracing Windows 8

After three years of rarely using my Macbook Air, I decided it was time to return to a Windows machine. I never fully embraced the MacOS and usually ran Windows via Parallels anyways ;-). I bought the Macbook Air before the copycat Windows Ultrabooks existed and although I considered them now, ultimately, I decided on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. I had high hopes that it really was “A Tablet That Replaces Your Laptop,” as Microsoft claims. Sure, there are laptops that can also act like a tablet, but they are too bulky in my opinion. Read more