Fix Spotify local files problem after restoring from iPhone/iPad backup

So you dutifully back up your old iPad (or iPhone), connect your sparkling new iPad Air, and do a restore using iTunes. You fire up Spotify and all of your local files don’t play! WTF? They look ok, but you click and click and get nothing.

The fix, albeit lame, is to delete the app and reinstall it while connected (via WiFi) to your desktop Spotify installation. You’ll also have to enable the “Available Offline” option on the applicable playlists.

Not the best solution, but it works.


2016-04-04: Another way I’ve had success with is on your computer version of Spotify, make a playlist of your local files. (The easiest way to do this is press Ctrl+A to select all songs, right-click and choose Add to Playlist.) Bring that playlist up on your mobile device and enable the Available Offline switch.

There will be a Local Files item under YOUR MUSIC on the left side.

Spotify: Missing local song fix

UPDATE  2016-05-16: Spotify doesn’t seem to allow you to drag and drop anymore. Another way I’ve found to fix missing local songs is to create another local files source in Preferences and moving all of the local files to this new folder. Still seems to be hit and miss though.

One of the great things about Spotify is the way it lets you integrate local files into your playlists. These are typically MP3s you have, which are not on Spotify due to licensing restrictions. Once in awhile, things can get out of sync and even though the files exist, the song will appear ghosted in a playlist.

The fix is pretty simple. Just open an Explorer window with the list of your local files and drag the missing song to the Spotify playlist. You will create a new entry for the song, but it will also refresh the old entry. Then just delete the duplicate entry.

Moving on from MP3s to subscription music on Spotify

I’m taking a bold step today. I’m going to start relying on Spotify and not physical MP3 files for my music.

I have two main playlists: one for favorite songs and another for keeper albums. On the Keepers playlist, I only put the first track of an album. I can go into the playlist and click the album title to play the full album. Nice and neat.

If I’m evaluating an album, I create a playlist for it and prepend a dash in the front of the name, like “-The Band Perry – Pioneer”. If I end up liking the album, I add the first song to my Keepers playlist. Individual songs that I really like obviously go on the Favorites playlist.

One thing I wish Spotify would do is have an option to add songs to the top of a playlist. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I like to have my most recent favorite at the top of the list and chronologically go down from there. Until they add that feature, I have to drag songs to the top after I add them. Not a big deal, but an extra step.

If you are wondering, why Spotify. It’s because it allows me to mix Spotify songs with physical MP3s in the same playlist. A few artists and albums aren’t on Spotify. It’s really the best of all worlds. I also like the fact that you can manually order your playlists and it doesn’t force you into alphabetical order. Thank you Spotify!

The biggest concern I have is what would happen if my playlists got nuked and could not be restored. My solution for now is to select all of the songs (Ctrl+a) and drag them to a Word document. At least I’ll have something to refer to if something catastrophic happens.

It’s very liberating doing this. I’ve been obsessing over managing my MP3 collection since at least 1997 and I think they were MP2s! (really.) I guess I would say I’m also a little bit uncomfortable, but I’m sure that will go away with time. I love the fact that if I change anything in Spotify…bam!…it’s all changed on my iPhone, iPad and desktop. No more syncing with lame iTunes! Yes!

Taking Spotify for a spin

I finally discovered that Spotify has a Billboard Hot 100 playlist and I’m liking it a lot. (I’ve been looking for this for years btw!) It seems to update every Thursday. I hate the commercials and inane talking on Top-40 radio, so this gets me the latest tunes without the crap. Missing from the Billboard playlist are things like last week’s position, weeks on chart, etc. which would be nice, but now I’m just being greedy ;-)

So now I can pick out new stuff, add it to my favorites playlist and automatically sync them to my iPhone and iPad. Quick and simple, and only $10 a month. Note that you can try the premium service for free for 30 days. Of course, you can use the free service, but it’s a pretty limited service on mobile devices. I’m a long-time user of Rhapsody, but I’m always game to try something new.

I do wish that one of these subscription services would do a DJ-hosted stream where the DJ actually talks about the music and artists. That would be awesome, especially commercial free!