Google Voice extension has massive memory leak!

If you are wondering what’s eating all your RAM, check if you’ve got the Google Voice extension installed in Chrome. (Yes, that’s 1.2GBs and climbing!) I’m hoping this was the cause of my random BSODs.

For now the solution is to disable the extension until it gets fixed. Just go to Tools > Extensions, find the Google Voice extension and uncheck the Enabled box. (The menu is accessed by clicking the icon with three bars in the top-right corner.

Giving up trying to manage RAM. 2GBs on order :-)

Between Firefox and Orb, I’m always monitoring and worrying about maxing out the 2GBs in my main system. I’m T I R E D of it and just ordered two 1GB sticks of RAM from for a whopping $11.99 each! Dang, RAM is cheap. I remember paying $1,200 for 32MB back in the day…yes you read that right: MEGABYTES…and I bought 2!

‘Course, XP can’t even recognize the full 4GBs, but I’ll get some of the last gig since the machine has a whimpy graphics card. (Those that understand the “3GB XP memory limit” will get why this is.)