Cool way to pack hanging clothes for a move

I was faced with moving a lot of hanging clothes on my move from Los Angeles to San Antonio. Since everything had to fit in my car, I had serious limitations on how much I could bring. Moreover, packing suits and dress shirts in boxes would end up in a bunch of wrinkled clothes.

I found this post on entitled “how to pack clothes for moving.” The author suggests using plastic trash bags. Now although I generally liked the idea, it seemed too difficult to get the proper amount of hanging clothes in the bag and some part of the clothes might stick out the bottom. I also thought that they would be sliding all over the place and get wrinkled anyways.

Then I remembered that whenever I used a professional moving company, they would wrap everything in plastic wrap. (They’d probably wrap my dog if I had one and wasn’t looking ;-) It dawned on me that plastic wrap would solve all of the limitations of using trash bags. One, you could wrap just about any amount of hanging clothes; two, it will accomorate any length; and three, plastic wrap would not be as slippery as trash bags (in fact, it can be down-right sticky).

I used Zip Ties to hold the top of the hangers together. The article has a suggestion to use masking tape, but I felt that it would leave a residue. One of the comments suggested Zip Ties and that worked like a charm.

Obviously, if I was going to use a moving company, I would spring for wardrobe boxes, but for this situation, plastic wrap was perfect, simple and cheap!

UPDATE  2015-06-21:
Buy the wrap at the dollar store. Also, I didn’t put it on too thick so a roll goes a long way. I don’t think I used more than a roll for all that is pictured. An added benefit is that they cling together and won’t slide around in the car.

Recycle plastic grocery bags!

Maybe I’m the only dumbass that didn’t realize this, but plastic grocery bags have a #2 recycle symbol on them which means I can put them in my weekly recyle bin! My wife discovered this by chance and I don’t know why this isn’t publicized more. You’d think that at least the neighborhood grocery stores would have a sign or something on their usually overstuffed in-store grocery bag recycle bins. Stupid.