Mousing Lefty Style: Week 4

It’s still unnatural, but still no compelling reason to go back to mousing righty style. Not dealing with the pain in my right index finger is nice.

There have been unexpected consequences, however. I’m having to learn to do things that I normally don’t do with my right hand like drinking coffee. In fact, a lot of things on my desk are geared toward having my mouse on the right side and other things on the left. It can be awkward at times, but it’s easier to learn to do stuff with my dominant hand.

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Mousing Lefty Style: Week 2

Not a whole lot of progress. It is becoming more comfortable and natural. However, it is still a little frustrating at times if I have to do a lot of mousing, like with graphics or web development. An unforeseen issue is now having to learn to drink coffee using my right hand…yes I drink liquids near my keyboard ;-P

All in all though, I see no reason not to stick with it. That’s a positive sign I guess.

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Mousing Lefty Style: Week 1

Mousing Lefty style

Mousing Lefty Style: Week 1

Well, it’s been a week since I switched to using my left hand to operate my mouse. I’m still not even close as accurate as using my right, but I think the switch in my head has flipped. I say this because yesterday, when I was reaching for the mouse on a PC I don’t use very often, I started to reach with my right hand, but it seemed awkward and I grabbed it with my left hand and it felt more natural.

My slowness can be a little frustrating at times, but I have used Dreamweaver on several occassions as well as basic Photoshop editing. One real positive thing is that I find it more convenient using the arrow and page up/down keys since they are on the right side of the keyboard and my right hand is now free.

I’m actually fairly optimistic that I can actually stick with this method of mousing. Stay tuned for more on this experiment.

Mousing lefty style

Ok, so using an upside-down mouse was kinda silly. My new solution is to learn to mouse with my left hand. A quick Google search shows that it has been done successfully and at least one said that they became amidexerous and could mouse with either hand. Seems like this is somewhat akin to being able to play a guitar right-handed and then flip it around and play left-handed, but I’m hoping it’s much easeir than that…yes, I’ve tried ;-P

I’ve spent about half the day using my mouse lefty-style. Accuracy is the biggest issue. I like to drag and drop and I’ve already moved things to the wrong place. H O W E V E R, even in this short time I seem to be getting marginally better at it. This should be an interesting experiment and one I think I can stick with, although another workable and perhaps easier solution is to use the trackpad mouse buttons on the laptop–I use a full USB keyboard plugged into my laptop. I just don’t like reaching over for it. I don’t think I’ll be doing much Photoshoping soon, but who knows. And before anyone asks, no, that is not my hand…HAHAHA