Air travel with the Kiboko 22L+

I recently posted about how much I love the Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+. Well, I finally got to take it on an airplane. My biggest worry was if it would fit in the under-seat space. I keep a lot of other stuff besides camera gear in it, so it needs to be readily accessible during the flight. The overhead storage really isn’t an option for my needs. It’s an inch shorter than the Ogio Renegade backpack that I usually use, so I was pretty sure it would fit. However, I encountered things that I did not anticipate. Read more

Super versatile lightweight camera day bag

I’ve got a lot of bags I can use as a lightweight day bag for my basic camera gear, but I wanted one I could also use when I travel. You see, I hate checking bags and another carry-on really wasn’t an option since my travel suitcase and gadget backpack use up my two carry-on limit. Thus, I needed something that met two basic requirements: Read more