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Great leather case for iPod Touch

I initially covered my 32GB iPod Touch with a RebelTouch. I decided to move to a flip-style case for a couple reasons. First, I wanted a much more protection for the screen when not in use. Second, I wanted something I could take off easily so I could put the Touch in a docking speaker. …

Just got my second Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere2

I just got my second Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere2. This one’s going on my desk at work. Why do I like it? Well, it’s the only portable speaker I could verify would properly charge my 2nd gen iPod Touch. Apparently, Apple changed the power pins and most other speakers don’t charge the 2nd gen Touch. The …

iTouch??? iRefuse to call it that!

My wife often refers to the iPod Touch as an “iTouch”. My daughter and I both have one. I don’t correct her. I know what she’s talking about. However, I was at Best Buy today looking at cases and the sign over the section said iTouch. Am I being trivial? Maybe. SeriouslyTrivial? Definitely! ;-)