How are those japanese girls keeping their socks up?

Sock glue! Only $2.50 too…

Japanese high school girls wear outrageously oversized socks called
“loose socks.” How do they keep their socks from falling down? You
guessed it — they use “socks glue” (also called sock-tachi in
Japanese). Here’s some authentic socks glue for you, straight from
Japan — an incredible handy water-based glue that you apply to your
calf to ensure your socks don’t fall down. They go great with the
sailor uniforms we carry by Matsukameya of Nagoya!

Logo v6

So much for being satisfied with version 3 of my logo. I’m not at the
6th encarnation, but i’m pretty happy with it. Also got the slideshow
going. Finally figured out it was a directory permissions deal. Easy
fix. Well I’m getting more folks to sign up and thats a good thing.
Just gotta build some momentum and give ppl a reason to come back.
Photos seem popular.