2019 Landscaping Project Video

Well, the landscaping is done and I just finished the original music score, so here’s the reveal video! Major thanks to Kristin Heggem, ALSA, our wonderful landscape architect for her wonderful plans. We can’t wait until spring to see everything in bloom! Huge props to Angel and his crew at Angelic Touch Landscaping. He was wonderful to work with and professional from start to finish. Amazing work. The final shout out goes to Colorado Sunroom and Window. The Solara louvered patio cover is just awesome!

Uber/Lyft driver makes $18.72 an hour…or does he?

My gawd this is a stoopid article. He made $257.34 gross working 13.75 hours, so $18.72 per hour driving Uber/Lyft. Sounds pretty good, eh? Gas was only $13.22 in his Prius, so that’s still $17.75 net after gas… However, the cost of wear and tear on his vehicle isn’t even mentioned though the $430 repair bill talked about in the article should have clued him in.

Let’s just use the IRS mileage rate of 58 cents per mile to estimate his true driving cost. Well, 291.1 miles at 58 cents is a whopping $168.84. Using this cost, his net is a paltry $88.50 or $6.44 per hour. Paints a different picture, doesn’t it.

I’m a driver for Uber and Lyft – here’s exactly how much I make in one week on the job

I’ve been driving for Lyft and Uber for almost one year. People always want to know how much money I make driving for the two companies, so I decided to track every penny I made for one week. The final tally was about $257 for less than 14 hours of work – or about $19 an hour.

SlightlyDumb has a theme song!

I decided to put my musical skills to good use and came up with a theme song for videos on our sister site SlightlyDumb.com. I hope you like it.

Slightly Dumb Theme     

Salida, CO – May 2019

We took a trip to Salida, CO for the weekend. It ended up being a bit cold, but the incoming cold front made for some gorgeous sky and mountain shots.

Stream video files over WiFi to Oculus Go when traveling

Due to the meager storage capacity of the Oculus Go, being able to stream video files over WiFi using a portable device is a real game-changer when traveling away from home. Historically, my portable streaming device of choice was the RAVPower RP-WD04. However, I found streaming the generally larger VR files to be problematic using this device. Fortunately, RAVPower has a new version, the RP-WD09, which handles them nicely. I’ll refer to the device simply as the FileHub. (Make sure you don’t get the RP-WD07 as some significant improvements were made and it looks nearly identical to the RP-WD09.) Read more

Window-mount a Yi Home 2 Camera

Having owned the original Yi Home Camera, I had high expectations when I ordered the Yi Home 2 Camera. It’s version 2…it HAD to be better, right? I was really looking forward to the wider 130-degree lens. However, once I got it, I was very disappointed that Yi changed the base and the Home 2 camera can’t be freely rotated like the original. This made window-mounting the Home 2 much more problematic. Argh! Read more

Shutdown Windows computer and Synology NAS using WinNut

Previously, my Windows PC happily send a command to my Synology NAS to shutdown when the UPS (connected to my PC) was running low on battery power. (See my post, “Shutdown Windows computer and Synology NAS using CyberPower UPS“) Things came to a grinding halt when DSM 6 was released and eliminated remote access by the root user…probably a good thing security-wise, of course.

After much research, I discovered the Network UPS Tools (NUT) project. Included in its goals is uniform control and management of UPSs and it seems manufacturers, including Synology, have embraced the “standard”. It’s a server-client model where you connect the UPS to the Synology NAS, the server (aka master), and run a monitoring program on your PC, the client (aka slave), to shut it down when the UPS battery power gets low.

Setup on the NAS side, is as easy as checking a couple option boxes. It’s not so straight forward on the client side of things. I found at least three different Windows client applications, all with less than clear configuration instructions. I settled on WinNUT, but lost patience trying to figure out how to configure the new version and opted for the older one which still seems to work under Windows 10. Read more