Getting Flash to run in Chrome

Despite the movement to kill it, Flash is still used by many sites. For me, Flash is particularly problematic when using Chrome. If you are having problems playing video and aren’t sure if Flash is the culprit, check the right side of the address box and look for an icon with a red X. Click it and a pop-up box will appear giving you the option to temporarily Run all plugins this time. Clicking that option should temporarily fix the Flash issue on that page.

For a more permanent fix, go into Chrome’s advanced settings and make sure Allow sites to run Flash setting enabled. Unfortunately, even after doing this, some sites (e.g., will still have issues.

NOTE: I will mention that if you have the Allow sites to run Flash enabled, you shouldn’t have to specifically allow Flash for a particular site by manually adding it to the Allow list (see screenshot above). If for some reason you need to do this, there’s a shortcut. Just click the icon to the left of the URL in the address box and set Flash to Allow. This will automatically add the URL to the Allow list.

Now, back to solving the problem. Type chrome://flags/#run-all-flash-in-allow-mode into the address box. Enable the option Run all Flash content when Flash setting is set to “allow”.


This solved my pesky problem running Flash in Chrome. Hope it helps you as well.

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  • Agree with Mark. Disabling the “enable ephemeral flash permission” seems to get rid of the annoying flash allowing popup issue that i had.

  • Your Flash settings will be kept until you quit Chrome – new Chrome V69 issue 9/7/2018 – won’t keep exceptions list Fix: go to chrome://flags & disable #enable-ephemeral-flash-permission

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