Amiga continues to make subtle showings on Halt and Catch Fire

Back in the day, I was a total Amiga fanboy. The show Halt and Catch Fire–which is a must-watch btw–continues to tip it’s hat to the beloved computer that just never quite fulfilled it’s full potential. Often, the name Amiga is thrown into some off-handed remarks, but in season 3 episode 9, they went a bit further and showed a partial Amiga sign at the 1990 Comdex. There must be an Amiga fanboy on the show’s team somewhere. Thank you!


Great White gets into cage and no one knows if someone is in it!

I don’t hear anyone yelling, “Next!!!” at the end of the video. Also, the correct answer to the question, “Is anyone in the cage?,” is “not anymore.”

What kinda of dinky dink outfit is this anyways? How could they be so inept that they didn’t even know if someone should be in the cage?! If I were there I would be hoping for at least, “OMG! Doug’s in there!” Lol

Rediscovering the iPad Mini 2, thanks to iOS 10

When the iPad Pro 9.7-inch was released, I jumped all over it and upgraded from my iPad Air. Both the Air and my iPad Mini 2 were getting really sluggish and I figured I needed the faster processor.

Well, a funny thing happened, after ignoring my iPad Mini 2 for the last six months, I started using it again…and liking it! It seems that Apple has done a fine job tweaking the OS for the Mini 2 and iOS 10 made a huge difference. The Mini is no longer a sluggish anxiety-causing POS, but a pleasant joy to use! Wow. iOS 10 has breathed new life into it. Read more