They’re playin our song

It never ceases to amaze me how our 45 record continues to live on. Maximum RockNRoll is a monthly mag dedicated to underground punk rock. Apparently, they have a weekly podcast/radio show and our song was played on their September 10, 2015 episode. We are the second song for the first DJ.

I used to cringe at the quality of our 45, but obviously bands put out even worse HAHA.

MRR Radio #1469.5 • 9/10/15


Nikon D7200/D750 owner can’t click the buy D500 button…so far

The coverage of the new Nikon D500 has got me with a super bad case of camera lust. My D750 has done a great job of fending this feeling off for the past year, but it was inevitable that it wouldn’t last, right? My backup body is a D7200 and has really seen little use aside from a one-day outing at an air show paired with my Tamron 150-600mm. The D500’s low-light performance, continuous shutter speed, huge memory cache, touch-sensitive tilting screen, pro controls, etc. have all been enticing me to get one. I’ve actually had it in my shopping cart twice now, only to be removed after further consideration. It’s not solely a money issue. I can easily afford it and with the recent sale of my Nikon 14mm 2.8 and likely sale of my D7200–it’s a financial no-brainer. So why the hesitation? Read more