My girl

Nothing much to do today, so I went back and re-processed some photos and what better subject than my girl.

Why do we value gold?

I’ve been toying with the idea of investing in gold directly or having some exposure to it (and silver) in my investment portfolio. I have hesitated, so far, because I don’t really understand why we value gold so much? It just seems so arbitrary. By itself, it really doesn’t do anything. If the world economies to to hell in an hand basket, why on Earth would this metal be worth anything? The answer, according to this article, is interesting because the reason is that gold is uninteresting, at least chemically.


Cool neodymium magnet cable keepers on Amazon Launchpad

I just discovered Amazon Launchpad. I must have missed last year’s announcement about this. It’s a special Amazon “store” that showcases start-up products. There are a bunch of pretty cool things you didn’t know you needed HAHA. Seems to be a lot of shipping Kickstarter products. It’s definitely worth a browse.


I ended up ordering some Cloops which are these elastic silicone cable keepers that use neodymium magnets to keep them closed. If the magnets are really strong, this should work pretty nicely. $22 for six of them (three small and three large ones). I’m always on the lookout for a better way to organize my numerous cables and these look much more compact than the Velcro-type I’m using now.