New domain name yields old owner’s email!

It all started with emails from Wells Fargo telling me I had insufficient funds. At first glance I thought it was spam since I’d never had an account there, but all the links and return email were legit. Then I thought, “oh no! Someone opened an account on my name!”

Fortunately, upon closer inspection, I realized that the email was sent to my new email address which I’ve aliased to my regular email account. Well, today I found out his name is Doug Seed. Would you like his Directv account number? Hahaha I just got his PayPal email too!

The scary part is I probably could clock the forgot-my-password link and I would get the email to reset it! Crazy!

Old treasures

I got the bug to breakĀ out one of my old electric guitars and fire up the Fender Deluxe to see if it still worked. I also broke out my favorite fuzz box: the MXR Distortion +. Of course it needed a new battery, but the one that was still in there made me smile. The whole set up still worked, albeit with some pops and crackles. Boy, they used to make stuff to last, didn’t they. Read more