Battle of the cheap Bluetooth headphones: Mpow vs Aukey

A couple discounts on Bluetooth headphones caught my eye recently. The first was on the Mpow [Gen-2 Version] Cheetah Nano-coating Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Sports Headphones for $24.99 ($3 off the normal price). The reviews were decent so I took a chance. I like them.

Mpow (left), Aukey (right)
Aukey (right), Mpow (left)

A couple days later, another “deal” showed up for the Aukey EP-B13 V4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Canceling Sports Headphones. Now these were even cheaper at just $11 ($9 off $20). As you can see from the pictures they look nearly identical. I assumed they were the same so I ordered two.

I tried the Aukeys on expecting the same comfortable fit as the Mpow. Unfortunately, they were painful nearly instantly. I looked at them and just couldn’t figure out the difference. They looked more or less the same. (Note that I swapped the tips on the Aukeys with some others I had to see that that would help. It didn’t.)

Then I matched the same sides and held them next to each other. (See picture) Notice how the Mpows (left) are pointed at a significantly different angle than the Aukeys (right). The angle is the difference between comfortable and pain. It’s almost as if these were seconds and manufactured incorrectly. Many of the reviews way the Aukeys are comfortable!

If I can find the boxes I’ll send them back, but at worst I’m only out $22, so not huge deal.

2016-06-09: Changed the Aukey link to the blue ones since the black ones are out of stock.

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