Fixing a stuck Windows key

NOTE: I have totally rewritten this post as the original solution was crap. This one works!

I’ve been having an issue with the Windows key being “stuck.” It’s as if the key is being constantly pressed and before you ask, it is not a physical keyboard problem. The problem stems from Windows itself as I will show below.

An Internet search will lead you to several common solution suggestions. The most common ones are trying a new keyboard or blaming it on Windows Sticky Keys feature. Neither of these are the culprit, but go ahead and try. Even in Safe Mode, the key seems to be stuck! Read more

Palette Gear and Lightroom presets on import

I took over 700 photos this weekend of some dogs at a rescue center. I whittled them down to 331 and of that chose 151 as my final set. I use Lightroom presets, but I’ve never applied one when importing. BOY! Have I been missing out! This saved me so much time. I have one “kitchen sink” preset that I concocted and use as a starting point on nearly all photos I take. I also put them in a Collection on import which saved me a little time, though not that much. Read more