What a difference a cropped sensor (D7200) makes with Tamron 150-600

Well, the storm passed and I was able to get down to a local pond to test out my new D7200 and the Tamron 150-600. Boy, what a difference a cropped sensor makes compared to using my D750. 600mm was more than plenty. This lens really needs a lot of light and with high ISOs–I was shooting SP mode–most of the pictures came out too grainy and feathers just made it look worse. I should have taken more time to mess with difference settings, but I was losing the light. I’m new to shooting this lens and birds, and it’s a real learning experience. I’m so used to using fast primes, AP mode and much closer subjects! :confused: Anyways, here are a few decent ones. (Edited in LRCC and only the first one was cropped.)

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