Fixing WordPress plug-in Pirate Form

I’ve been using a theme on another site that uses the WordPress plug-ion Pirate Forms for its contact form. The problem was that although it would say that the email was sent, the email never arrived. It took me a while, but I finally figured out the problem with Pirate Forms. When it creates the header string to send with the email, it is using the email from the form as the “from” email.

So what’s wrong with that? Read more Photography for cool dogs

I’ve been taking so many pictures of dogs recently, I decided to create a special home for these photos and, thus, was born. From now on, that’s where I’m going to post all of my dog adoption and event photos. will continue to be my main blog for my tech, photography, finance and random thoughts, so don’t worry! HAHA. I’ve copied the photo albums from past events, so if the need arises you can find all of the photos and links there. Check it out!


I got a new avatar!

Several years ago many of the famous and semi-famous geeks started to get these comicbook-looking avatars. Thinking it was some sort of Photoshop filter, I did a half-hearted search but didn’t really figure out how it was done. Recently, I found out that they were actually drawn by an artist that goes by the name Nitrozac, who along with Snaggy draw the Joy of Tech comic. Their website is Ironically, I’ve been following that comic for years! Guess I just don’t pay attention to things as much as I should. Anyways, they were running a special on having a custom avatar done and I just happen to have some extra cash in my Paypal account so…. Read more

Best podcatcher comes at a price but is worth it

I’ve used many podcatchers through the years and had been using (and liking) Downcast of late. I like the fact that it uses iCloud to keep things in sync so that no matter which iOS device I’m using (iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini) , it remembers my podcast subscriptions, what’s been played and not played, where I left off, etc. At work, I use an OontZ Angle PLUS Bluetooth speaker connected to my iPhone 6S to listen to my podcasts. It’s a workable system, but would be so much nicer if I could listen using my computer speakers. Well, I found the solution… Read more