Lake Arrowhead, August 2015

Mom and Dad came up for a visit for the first time since I bought this place 5 years ago. That was a treat!

I tried several new photography techniques on this trip, like bracketed exposures to create HDR images. I particularly like the one where the sky looks on fire. Used my new 20mm f/1.8 wide angle at lot on my landscapes. Took a lot of bird photos too although my 28-300 zoom just doesn’t have enough reach. Got some decent pics of the Acorn Woodpeckers (which incidentally do a lot of damage to my house). Getting a good one of a Blue Jay (technically a Steller’s Jay) was difficult. They have really dark heads and have to be lit just right…they weren’t cooperating. The flying bird looks like a vulture…pretty wings but damn ugly head HAHA!

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