Love the Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+

Kiboko22LlensI’m a little late to the Gura Gear party, but I recently replaced my trusty Ogio Renegade with the Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+. While I love the Ogio, I just got to the point where I needed a real camera bag (I’ve got a Nikon D750, several lenses, TTL flash, etc. and a Coolpix P900 on the way.)

I can’t believe how much you can stuff into the Kiboko! It’s just the right size to fit under the seat on an airplane which was my biggest worry when I ordered it. Dimension-wise it was nearly identical to my Ogio and when I got it, it ended up actually being an inch or so shorter which is great since the Ogio often stuck out a bit on smaller jets.

kibokolaptopI’m a little scared that Gura Gear is discontinuing the Kiboko 22L+ in favor of the Bataflae 26L. While Gura Gear lists the 22L+, it is shown as currently unavailable. Fortunately for me, Amazon had them. No one seems to really emphasize the fact that the Bataflae lacks the laptop compartment. I kinda get the feeling that some reviewers of the Bataflae didn’t even know the Kiboko had a laptop compartment–it is a bit hidden. Yeah, I guess if you are hiking you don’t need that, but for just pure travel, who doesn’t bring a laptop or tablet? My Surface Pro 3 and iPad both have fairly thick cases and fit easily in the Kiboko’s laptop compartment.

Please read my other post on my Super versatile lightweight camera day bag where I marry a Patagonia Lightweight Travel Courier with a Ape Case Cubeze Interior Case for a great camera day bag. For travel, the Patagonia folds down to practically nothing and I put my Nikon D750 into the Ape case and both fit easily in the Kiboko without taking hardly any additional room. It’s the perfect setup!

2015-08-30: See my related post Air travel with the Kiboko 22L+ to see how it works as a carry-on on an airplane.

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