Lake Arrowhead, August 2015

Mom and Dad came up for a visit for the first time since I bought this place 5 years ago. That was a treat!

I tried several new photography techniques on this trip, like bracketed exposures to create HDR images. I particularly like the one where the sky looks on fire. Used my new 20mm f/1.8 wide angle at lot on my landscapes. Took a lot of bird photos too although my 28-300 zoom just doesn’t have enough reach. Got some decent pics of the Acorn Woodpeckers (which incidentally do a lot of damage to my house). Getting a good one of a Blue Jay (technically a Steller’s Jay) was difficult. They have really dark heads and have to be lit just right…they weren’t cooperating. The flying bird looks like a vulture…pretty wings but damn ugly head HAHA! Read more

Air travel with the Kiboko 22L+

I recently posted about how much I love the Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+. Well, I finally got to take it on an airplane. My biggest worry was if it would fit in the under-seat space. I keep a lot of other stuff besides camera gear in it, so it needs to be readily accessible during the flight. The overhead storage really isn’t an option for my needs. It’s an inch shorter than the Ogio Renegade backpack that I usually use, so I was pretty sure it would fit. However, I encountered things that I did not anticipate. Read more

STM Dux Case for the Surface Pro 3 Rocks!


Initially, I went with the MoKo case for my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 because it was the style I had liked on my iPads. However, with the magnetic keyboard attached, when everything is closed, you end up with two flaps over the screen and it’s just too big and bulky. For my iPad, I have switched to a plastic shell that works in conjunction with the Apple magnetic cover and really like that minimal setup. I decided I wanted something similar for the Surface Pro 3 and the STM Dux Case appears to be it. Read more

My trifecta of camera bags!

I’ve added one final bag to my arsenal: the Think Tank Photo Retrospective 30. I’ll use this bag when I need most of my lenses and camera gear, but aren’t traveling on an airplane. When I travel, I use my Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+, which also has my computer travel stuff like chargers, cables, USB drive, etc. If I want to travel light and just need my DSLR and maybe another lens, I’ll take my Pategonia bag. I think I’ve got it all covered and yes, I’m a bit obsessive. HAHA. Read more

51 days later…my lost iPad Mini was found!

On June 23rd, I stupidly forgot my 64GB WiFi+Cellular iPad Mini 2 in the seat-back pocket on a United Airlines flight to Colorado. I was really bummed and dutifully filed a lost item report. I got a little hopeful on June 29th when I got a Find-My-iPhone email telling me that “Mini Me,” my cleverly named iPad Mini, was found near Chicago O’Hare International Airport. As the weeks passed without a word from the airline, however, I gave up. After a month, I got an automated email saying that the item was never recovered and they were no longer searching. “Oh well,” I thought. Read more has got a new home!

I’m getting a lot more traffic these days and my old hosting service was just not up to the task. It was finally time for me to move to a more robust host and that’s what I did today.

To me, the difference is dramatic. The site is so much more snappy and…fingers crossed…more reliable. I think I’ve got all the “knobs and dials” set properly; there are so many bright and shiny new ones! Let me know if ya see anything wonky. Enjoy!