The perfect office Bluetooth speaker: the OontZ Angle PLUS

I’ve been looking for a good Bluetooth speaker for my desk at work and I finally found one: the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle PLUS. Interestingly enough, what I like about it is the “feature” it doesn’t have compared to other speakers: voice prompts. Yeah, sounds stupid, but all of the other ones I tried would loudly proclaim things like, “YOUR PHONE IS CONNECTED.” Not something you want to hear in a quiet office environment.

Besides the lack of voice-prompts, there are a couple other things I like about it. First, it has a dedicated play/pause button on the top. I can quickly and easily pause it when I need to carry on a conversation with someone. Another thing is the small volume increments. Other speakers I tried had large increments between each press of the volume buttons. It was difficult to get just the right volume. With the OontZ Angle PLUS, I can get just the right (low) volume.

It also does a good job at reconnecting. If I take my phone out of range, it will automatically re-connect when I return to my office.

I have my iPhone in a little charging stand on my desk so I don’t need to worry about draining the phone’s battery. I keep the OontZ Angle PLUS plugged into a charger continuously. (Note: The manufacturer said it was OK to do this, but recommended I let the batteries run down every couple months.)

My use of the OontZ Angle PLUS is probably 180 degrees away from what it was designed for, but it fits my needs perfectly. As a side benefit, it ‘s water-resistant so if I ever get crazy and spill coffee all over it, I’m safe!

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