The perfect office Bluetooth speaker: the OontZ Angle PLUS

I’ve been looking for a good Bluetooth speaker for my desk at work and I finally found one: the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle PLUS. Interestingly enough, what I like about it is the “feature” it doesn’t have compared to other speakers: voice prompts. Yeah, sounds stupid, but all of the other ones I tried would loudly proclaim things like, “YOUR PHONE IS CONNECTED.” Not something you want to hear in a quiet office environment. Read more

Giving in to Adobe Creative Cloud subscription…noooooo!

I used to think that I hated the software subscription model, just on principle. However, I think it has more to do with the pricing. Historically, I seem to update my software every 5-7 years. I used Office 2002 well past the release of Office 2007 and I’m still limping along with Photoshop CS2 which makes it about 10 years old! For movies and music, I think companies like Spotify hit a sweet spot on price. For the cost of a CD each month, I can listen to nearly any song or album I want. Read more

Speeding up your WordPress site

Over time, I often noticed that my WordPress site gets slower and slower to load. With attention spans so short these days, the faster your site, the better. I like to review my site periodically to see if if there is anything I can do to make sure its running fast and efficently. I made a few tweaks and have managed to reduce the load time substantially without really changing how my site looks and functions. Without a doubt, plug-ins are the #1 cause of slow-loading sites and here are some steps you can take to reduce their impact: Read more