My photo reached “Popular” on 500px!

I heard about on a podcast and decided I should check it out. It appeared to be a professional photographer’s version of Flickr. Based on the photographs I saw, I was a little intimidated and, quite honestly, didn’t feel like my stuff was worthy. However, throwing caution to the wind, I decided to give it a go. I did a little post-processing in Lightroom on a group of my best and uploaded them to the site. I really didn’t expect anyone to notice my meager contribution.

Gruene, TX, Feb 9, 2014 04I quickly got a ton of “likes” and “favorited” notifications, some of which were obviously spammers or scammers; however, many of them were from some pretty damn good photographers. I was really surprised that a photo I took of the San Bernardino mountains reached what 500px calls their “popular” level. A lot of folks also seemed to like a photo I took of a fireplace. Frankly, neither one would have been my choice as a favorite, so I guess there’s no accounting taste and I’m a CPA, so I know accounting! ;-P

I’m not sure how much of a pat on the back I should give myself, but seeing the quality of photos that some of the photographers who liked my photo and seeing my Mountain and Clouds photo mixed in with a group of incredible shots, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself :-D. Only one of my 35 uploads achieved this, so it can’t be automatic.



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